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My Take on Religion

I believe all religion is merely a fabrication of mankind to explain the unexplained. All religions eventually fade away to non-existence, except for those that are still around - Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc. The only reason these religions dominate is because the absurd claims they make strike at mankind’s curiosity for superstition perfectly. They are not so absurd as to be unbelievable, such as the beliefs of ancient Egypt or Greece, and they are just absurd enough to satisfy one’s craving for superstition and explanation. If I had to choose any religious philosophy, it would be deism, like that of our Founding Fathers of America or other great minds such as Issac Newton. To them, there is a Creator, but he does not intervene and you do not need organized religion as part of this belief. If there is a Creator, He is nothing like the theistic view of God.

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